Saturday, February 04, 2006

Whinge. Whinge. Dubai's expensive.Whinge. Whinge.

I can't believe the number of Europeans/Americans/Aussies I've heard complaining that the cost of living is so high in Dubai that they can't save any money.
Then they talk about the beach club (in a 5 star hotel), the health spa (in a 5 star hotel), the eating out (in 5 star hotels), the problems with their maid...
It doesn't take a genius to see that they've moved their standard of living up to a level they never dreamed of in their own country. Their home town probably didn't even have a 5 star hotel, and if it did they never once used it! And servants? Ha! The nearest they got to having a servant was a teenage babysitter for an evening when they went out to the local Indian restaurant for a meal!
The only thing expensive here is rent, and most of them get accommodation either supplied or they get an allowance! Get real, people. Compare apples with apples. Live as you did back home and you'll discover Dubai is inexpensive - you'll be able to save heaps.


nzm said...

Well said!

As the saying goes, it's more about people living "above their stations" than about living beyond their means.

nzm said...

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samuraisam said...

good point

moryarti said...

a very good point

CG said...

a fecking (patent pending) good point.

black feline said...

that's their favorite past time..which is why i stopped visiting some of the nauseam.
Anyway, thank you for popping by..enjoy your blog :)