Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Customer 'service'.

I assume they're trained to do it, on the basis that "the customer's always right. Saying "yes" all the time, that is. I suppose there's also the desire to please and the fear of losing their job too. But it does annoy me.
An example when my wife went shopping for a digital camera - and I swear this is word for word:

"Are the batteries included?”
“Yes madam”
“Are they rechargeable?
“Yes madam”
“Show me… (Pause while he looks)...there are no batteries”
“Yes madam”
“But you told me it came with batteries”
“Yes madam”
“But it doesn’t
“Yes madam”
“So I have to buy batteries separately?
“Yes madam”.

Counter-productive, inefficient, misleading and bloody annoying!


CG said...

and oh so fecking (patent pending) annoying.

nzm said...


Same thing yesterday when I went into the new food shop that's just opened in our reasonably new office tower.

I had the foresight to ask them if they took cards, as they've only just opened.

"Yes, ma'am".

"Great!" thought I, "the banks must be getting more efficient!"

Go get my drink, packet of nibbles, return to counter, assistant rings them up, I give over card -

"Sorry ma'am, the card machine is not working yet."


moryarti said...


I swear i am not making this up .. this happened to me in a café in Cairo, Egypt :)

i walked into this place for the first time, sat down and asked for a menu. The guy was like: we don't have a menu, but we have everything you like..

- OK, can i have a hot chocolate?
- we don't have hot chocolate
- umm.. i thought you said you have everything
- yes we do
- but you don't have chocolate
- yes we don't
- do what do you have?
- we have everything
- can i have diet coke?
- we don't have diet coke
- what do you have?
- we have eve..
- bye!