Monday, February 13, 2006

Dubai's Finest nail it again!

Bringing all their training to bear they visit the scene of the crime, assemble the facts, analyse the situation, solve the crime.
As reported in Gulf News:

Motorist reverses into a lot of mess
By Alia Al Theeb, Staff Reporter
Dubai: A motorist, who lost his composure while reversing, damaged nine cars on Sunday at the parking lot of Dubai Police Headquarters.
The Asian, who was leaving, reversed his car from the parking space.
However, instead of slamming the brake, he stepped on the accelerator and hit two cars, pushing one of them on to the pavement.
Then he turned his vehicle to the right, but again pressed the accelerator instead of the brake and damaged two other cars.
On impact, one of the damaged cars hit two other cars parked near it. Two more vehicles were reported damaged.
No injuries were reported in the incident.
Police said the man might have been confused.


nzm said...


any of them fits!

Seabee said...

Stupid and unfit to drive fits too :-)