Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Talking on another Blog about the new Interchange 4.5 on Sheikh Zayed Road got me thinking. No-one knows which interchange is which any more - 5 is demolished, 4.5 has opened, others will be built in between the existing ones.
To allow for all this change we need a new identification system. Numbers obviously don't work - put two new ones between, say, #4 and #5 and what do you call them?
I like the idea used in Burjuman car park - name them after fruit and animals. Or even better, fruit and vegetables. Wouldn't it be great! Banana Interchange, Pineapple Interchange, Cabbage Interchange. Imagine the signage they could come up with! Just as we have in Australia, we could have a Big Pineapple, a Big Banana etc. You couldn't miss which intersection was coming up and the 'Bigs' could be tourist attractions.
I must write to the Municipality...

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secretdubai said...

Yeah - I've wondered about this. I've always found "Defence Roundabout" incredibly confusing, because there is nothing ostensibly defence there (it got dismantled didn't it?) and it's more of an interchange than a roundabout.

Roughly so far we could have:

1. Trade Centre roundabout
2. Dusit interchange
3. Metropolitan/Al Safa interchange
4. [something interchange - Al Quoz?]
5. [random flyover]
6. Burj interchange
7. Emirates Mall flyover
8. Palm interchange/flyover?
9. [something else as yet unbuilt]
10. Media City interchange
11. Ibn Battuta flyover
12. Jebel Ali village interchange
13. Jebel Ali port 1st interchange