Monday, May 24, 2010

'Arrested'. But now what?

The story in my last two posts goes on.

According to Arabian Business, the drivers involved in the crass stupidity have been arrested by Dubai Police and the vehicles impounded.

It's a start, now we'll have to wait to see how justice is applied.

As I said in the earlier posts, I think it deserves nothing less than a life ban on owning or driving vehicles plus a lengthy jail term for deliberately endangering life.

But I don't for one moment think that's going to happen.

And apart from the the drivers doing the stunts there was a convoy of hangers-on accompanying them, cheering them on and filming them. They need to be arrested too, charged with aiding and abetting the offences.

What the eventual outcome will demonstrate is just how serious the authorities are about stamping down on dangerous, irresponsible driving and in promoting road safety.

So far it seems to have been a half-hearted campaign without much successs, a couple of weeks emphasis here and there on specific things such as tailgating, child seats or mobile phone use. I've seen no reduction in any of those offences, in fact with mobile phone use it seems to me to be on the increase.

So this will be an interesting one to follow because it's such a serious, deliberate flouting of the laws that could have had disastrous consequences for innocent drivers caught up in the lunacy.

The Arabian Business report is basic and short on any detail, but they say the police have promised a full statement shortly. What they have is here.


hnd said...

But did anyone see this comment in that oh so eminent newspaper's letters page today?

Scroll down to the 3rd comment I think.

Tainted Female said...

I have to say... I DO miss the psychotic ways of the UAE - even the stupid, dangerous, and deadly.

That's not to say there's anything at all good or ok about this video. These people would be banned from driving for LIFE I'm sure, if they were here... And though I often complain about how strict driving laws are here... in this case, they'd be right!

Mazhar Mohad said...

This prosecution is a test to see how serious is the country against reckless drivers.

George McKee said...

I'll be following this closely, as I am sure many are.

Anonymous said...

What are y'all waiting guys?
A lifetime ban? Heavy fines?
Both reckless drivers and followers are local people so the authorities will turn a blind eye on it.

Seabee said...

Anon@12.40, that's a common expat belief - we'll see whether it's true or not with this case.

Susan said...

I reckon they'll lock them up with a great deal of fanfare and then quietly let them out the back door 10 minutes later

rosh said...

A driver's license & auto insurance ban for several years + some sort of community service.

Mandatory, intensive-long drawn driving tutorials prior to obtaining a new driver's license.

A sense of responsibility is paramount.

Watching closely.

Anonymous said...

They will get locked up just before Ramadhan which is in August this year and then released by Royal pardon on Eid, which is in September this year.

They are most probably out on bail as we speak and will serve approx 1month during Ramadhan as a sentence if at all.

Don't hold your breaths.