Thursday, May 27, 2010

The pests are back

Spam phone calls seem to be back in fashion, and they annoy the hell out of me.

Mrs Seabee tells me she's recently been getting calls from banks offering her credit cards.

Just like before the big crash. Proving yet again that people never learn from their mistakes.

Yesterday I was in a friend's office when his mobile rang. He was offered 'financial investment solutions' from a very persistent telesales person.

I've had one this morning too, trying to make an appointment for a 'financial advisor'.

She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, suggested that if I was looking after my own finances I didn't know what I was doing and became quite aggressive.

My last firm 'no' produced the reply that I had 'the wrong end of the stick' and I did need financial advice.

Apart from the irritation of unsolicited sales calls to my phone and aggressive sales people, the product they're selling has lost all credibility over the past couple of years hasn't it?

The proposition is that the financial industry can give me advice on how best to handle my finances.

Oh yeah?


samuraisam said...

I've just had the misfortune of being listen on a spam SMS list.

By none other than a restaurant who on new years claimed I had no booking (even though I had one and I had reconfirmed it) with. I ended up having a shouting match with the management because they're complete retards and they had the nerve to ask me for the name of the person I booked with.

5 months later, I get phone twice and now SMS'd by the same restaurant the day I coincidentally pass by it in Abu Dhabi.

I guess that means I must have had a booking considering they have my phone number on record.

Bushmechanic said...

..and it's so lovely to hear from my friends at Orbit-Show time or that bloody financial advisor when I'm travelling to USA and get the call at 2 am. Then, cop etisalat's roaming charges to boot.

Stained said...

I have never gotten a call from a bank telesales person...I feel blessed...or maybe everyone knows I'm broke.... :S

Anonymous said...

why do I keep getting spam SMS from Joyalukkas and Damas when I have not even purchased anything from those stores. damn these spammers!!!

briguyx said...

Telemarketers will do anything they can to keep you on the phone, because then they still have a chance to change your mind. So the best thing to do is say "Sorry, not interested" and hang up immediately!

alexander... said...

It is my understanding that cold calling is illegal in the UAE.

That is, at least, what I tell cold callers. It does tend to end the conversation more quickly and with less unpleasantness than shouting at them.