Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The things they ask about...

Every so often I check the phrases people who've arrived at Life in Dubai put into search engines.

I liked this one, which someone in Jaipur, India put into Yahoo search,:

crossdressing withsaree-bra

Amazingly the enquirer got: 306 for crossdressing withsaree-bra - 0.32 sec

Before you ask, the reason s/he was directed here was one of my 'great moments in court' posts.

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Reality Check said...

It's crazy what some people search! I had a few funny hits myself a while back. People were looking to adopt dogs and I had a post title "Buy a dog, name him Clue, then you'll have one".......I thought it was funny as they were in for a bit of a surprise! No x-dressers yet!