Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun stuff from Singapore

Every time we visit Singapore I come across more that is odd, strange, bizarre, eccentric.

My little pocket-size digital camera makes it easy to record and share them, so here are a few from last weeks trip.

We have some bizarre buildings in Dubai, but we're not alone in that. How about these examples of architectural art at Bugis Street:

The description of food always fascinates me. Unlike westerners who come up with fancy names for animal body parts used in cooking, the Chinese tell it like it is for the ingredients:

Pig's Stomach Soup or Spine Meat Soup. Boy, they make it sound appetising.

One thing that mystifies me - they list liver, stomach, kidney, spine meat etc, so I wonder what goes into Pig's Organ Soup?

And on the subject of food - Wife Biscuits?

I came across this poster extolling the virtues of a career in real estate (!!) in the local area of Toa Payoh. I loved this section of the message in particular:

Here's the full poster:

And something that I often complain about on Life in Dubai - inevitably the use of 'solutions' has hit Singapore too:

The Final Solution TM (how can they trademark that?) for those who must write something despite having nothing to say.

A classic in the world of solutions.


Dave said...

I haven't seen "wife's biscuits" before, but I have seen "wife's cake" which I believe is also known as sweetcake.

Never real sure of the origin of the name though and I've heard a couple of stories, the best one being that in Ancient China men used to sell their wives into slavery and other areas of ill-repute.

If the husband wanted to buy his wife back then he would raise the money by selling "wife's cakes" If the local community wanted her back, and the couple to be reunited, then they would buy the cakes to give the husband enough money to re-purchase his wife.

Oh how times have changed!!

Elle said...

We're going to Singapore for Easter. Looking forward to a change.

Seabee said...

Sounds a reasonable explanation Dave!

Elle, have a great trip :-)

Gautam said...

OMG! Can't wait to go back, Bugis looks so different!!!

a question of a question said...

". . . Bugis looks so different!!!"

based on what . . one snap of two buildings?

Elle if u r a fan of cheese, do try Marche' @ Vivo City Mall next to the Harbour Front

Gautam said...

AQOAQ: Yes, you got a problem with that??!

ZeTallGerman said...

Welcome back, seabee. Thanks for sharing :-) I recently spotted "Adult Biscuits" in the Panda Hypermarket in Festival City... I went to have a look, but there was nothing R-rated about them :-(