Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It ain't funny

Hi from Singapore.

I've just been reading the Sydney Morning Herald and came across this about a flight from Dubai to the UK:

An Australian man has been charged after a bomb hoax sparked an emergency evacuation of an Emirates flight at London's Gatwick Airport on Sunday.

I've talked about this kind of crass stupidity before and I'm sure I must have said that no prison sentence is long enough. People like this need to be removed from society.

The story is here.


nzm said...

Agree with your opinion, but at the same time I'm fascinated by what makes these people do things like this.

What can possibly be gained? Is it some kind of social experiment that they run to see what the responses will be from people around them? Are they so deeply panicked/psychotic/neurotic that something bigger than them takes them over and makes them do these things?

I think that I should have been a psychiatrist, but then after interviewing them, I would have wanted the power to call for the bus to take these people far, far away!

Seabee said...

M, I don't think there's any deep,complicated psychological reason behind it. Nor is it a social experiment. They're simply morons with the IQ of a fire hydrant.

The Spear said...

I totally agree, they are thoughtless pricks.

Bush Mechanic said...

..."They're simply morons with the IQ of a fire hydrant."

Pretty harsh mate, fire hydrants are useful.

nzm said...

It gets more bizarre - Carney was a flight attendant working on the flight.

Seabee said...

Thanks for the update.

So he's on suicide watch and in a delicate mental state. 'Bizarre' also applies to how someone with those credentials could be employed by the airline.