Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now it's ' The Universe '

Land reclamation isn't new - the Dutch have been doing it for many years, Singapore has changed shape dramatically with all the reclamation done there. But if you'll excuse the pun, Dubai really pushes the boundaries.

Nakheel has just announced the creation of 'The Universe', another massive offshore project. (I hate that name by the way, I hope they change it to something more appropriate).

Another dredging operation, this will take 15 to 20 years to complete and will add 3,000 hectares of new land. Stretching from Palm Jumeirah to Port Rashid - what would that be, about 25 kilometres I guess - it will curve between The World and the mainland.

It's going to be another series of islands, these designed on the shapes of coral.

In true Dubai style their website has no information on the project. You'd think that companies would get everything ready so that when they make an annoucement their websites would instantly be up-to-date. But not in Dubai, our companies' minds are still in the 20th Century world of the fax machine.

So as yet there's not a lot of information available, just the bare facts.


i*maginate said...

"in the 20th Century world of the fax machine"

how true! I can't stand calling some companies up and for example if they need to send a document such as a location map they're like "gimme ur fax number" --- err...scuse me, don't you have a combyooter! The whole world is going paperless and you're still in an era where DHL beats the national postal system!

All good and well for the Universe...but logic would dictate some ground-work inland first.

DXB said...

And lets make sure we do as much environmental harm as possible to the Persian Gulf and all that surrounds it. But shouldn't have been the "Solar System" and then the "Universe"? Or have I got that the wrong way around??

Serious Assistance said...

Didn't I read a while back that they've dredged the Dubai coast of sand and that even the ongoing projects may not have enough to complete the the islands? Where are they going to get all the sand needed?

Seabee said...

SA, yes, I remember reading that too. Even for The World the dredgers were having to go a long way to find suitable sand - maybe we're going to import it from Iranian waters!

i*maginate said...

the all-important grease lies in only one direction.