Friday, January 18, 2008

New zoo didn't happen

Back in July I posted the reports of the alleged new zoo in Dubailand, quoting an official as saying: "Construction of a huge new zoo will start in August...all the animals at the existing Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah will be moved by the end of this year to the new and much bigger zoo being built in DubaiLand...the core zoo will be built within three months after construction starts in August."

Inevitably, as so many times before, it didn't happen.

So it's good to see that Gulf News is still raising the issue of the current disgraceful zoo, with a full page today headed "No room to swing a cat."

It points out that more than 1,100 animals are packed into a total space of 20,000 square metres - much of which is offices, pathways, visitors centre and seating areas. And more animals are arriving each month.

An new update from an offical at Dubai Municipality is: The plan to relocate animals from the existing to zoo to a new bigger zoo at Dubailand is still on cards. "The civic body is building the zoo in cooperation with Dubailand on an area of 350 hectares."...But the civic authority is still waiting for the final word from the authorities concerned to go ahead with their construction plan.

When projects all over Dubai happen at astonishing speed, why is it that the new zoo hasn't happened?

The feature is here.

Later PS

On the subject of animals and zoos, I've just received a video from blogger Caz in Australia which is well worth watching. The background is said to be that a woman found a badly injured lion in the forest and nursed it back to health. She then arranged for it to go to a zoo and after some time she went to see how the lion was doing. I must say I'm sceptical about the story, but whether it's true or not the video is astonishing. You'll find it here.


i*maginate said...

I'll tell you where the local zoo is, head down to SZR.

i*maginate said...

How about renaming your blog "Zoo in Dubai" - it might be pretty apt.