Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

I can't even begin to imagine what it it means to them.

The Dubai Government Excellence Programme rewarded 25 'unsung heroes' for their dedication doing their behind-the-scenes work.

Two lowly employees in particular have been in the news; Syed Sulaiman, a cleaner from Tamil Nadu, and Mohammad Nazir, a Pakistani gardener.

Mohammed Nazir, left, & Syed Sulaiman, presented with
their awards by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid.
Photos: Devadasan. Gulf News

Part of the award is for each winner to receive AED50,000. Which is US$13,595.

To put that into context, Mohammed's salary is AED1,200 a month and Syed's is AED850 a month. That's US$326 and US$321 respectively. A month.

On those salaries they've not only kept themselves but their families back home. Now they have a sudden and totally unexpected windfall of the sort of money they couldn't even have dreamt about.

Good luck to them.

Gulf News reports on the two are here and here.

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