Wednesday, May 23, 2007

justice shmustice

These two headlines are side-by-side in today's Gulf News, possibly without intentional irony:

During investigations, S.N. admitted to beating his wife for the previous two months. On this particular day he beat her to death with a rubber pipe, having earlier slapped her in the face, left the house, come back later, slapped her a few times in the face, dragged her by her hair to her room where he beat her to death.

He was sentenced to ten years, then on appeal by the prosecution to death - a fair sentence in my opinion - but it has been commuted by the Supreme Court to eighteen months jail followed by deportation.

In the adjacent story Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Al Hosani, director of the Community Policing Department at the Abu Dhabi Police says:
"Violence against women is not a phenomenon in the UAE because UAE laws do not tolerate it and great effort is made to curb it...

What a pity that S.D. didn't do something really serious like making a rude gesture or swearing at the police which would bring the full weight of the law down on him.

You can read the stories here and here.

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