Monday, May 07, 2007

Umm Suqeim beach questions.

There are still questions being asked, and a lot of speculation, about the fate of the beach next to Burj Al Arab.

This is the beach that was fenced off for development before Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ordered it to stop.

The doubt arises because there's mysterious work being done just offshore by two workboats and a semi-permanent site office complex has been set up next to the little fishing port.

The company flag flying above the site offices is Boskalis, which is a major dredging company.

I really don't have any knowledge of construction equiopment, but to my untrained eye the boats seem to have diggers on board and some sort of drill-like equipment. And they drag a floating boom between them - like the oil-spill booms - so I assume it's dredging going on.

This is in the area that Zabeel Investments said they were going to develop both on and off-shore, so that's obviously why there's speculation that maybe the development will go ahead. As Sheikh Mohammed has said 'no' I find that hard to believe.

But something's going on - maybe it's to do with connecting services to Palm Jumeirah...

If you click on the label beach you'll go to the earlier posts explaining the background to this story.


nzm said...

Seabee: I have pics of all the traffic out to sea - I'll post them later this week and link to this post.

There's something still going on for sure.

I was trying to find out more about it - even visited the dredging company's website. (Royal Boskalis Westminster).

But then I got side-tracked when I found the info about Nakheel's New New Island!

Seabee said...

nzm, I had a look at Boskalis' site too, but I didn't find anything about the beach goings-on.