Thursday, December 14, 2006

We need this here...

The headline in today's London Guardian newspaper:

Motorists risk jail for using phones in car

Stiffer sentences proposed for jumping lights, tailgating and causing death

Motorists who use mobile phones and tailgate other cars could be jailed under a tough new package of measures unveiled yesterday, aimed at stamping out bad habits. Drivers who kill on the roads are also more likely to face charges of manslaughter, instead of the lesser charge of death by dangerous driving, as part of plans by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Behaviour for which drivers could be jailed for dangerous driving, rather than careless driving, include using a hand-held mobile on the move, tailgating, tuning a car radio, overtaking on the inside, running a red light, or emerging from a side road into the path of another vehicle.

In Dubai we have three times the deaths of the UK relative to population - we have 19 they have 6 per 100,000 population - and we have that list of offences and more.

So, RTA, police, government - how about it?

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