Thursday, December 21, 2006

More on dangerous bus drivers.

Just to add to my post about bus drivers, the radio is reporting another bus crash on Sheikh Zayed Road this morning. I don't have any more details - I'll update this post when info comes through.

Meanwhile, to reinforce my point that last week's horror crash could have been much, much worse, here's the photo again. The bus ended up across the three fast lanes of the opposite carriageway, having smashed through the safety fence and central reservation. This is a 120kph zone, and of course many drivers are going much faster than that. If the word 'luck' can be used in this context, it was lucky that only one vehicle smashed into the roof of the bus.

Photo: Tracy Brand/Gulf News

The photo also perfectly demonstrates another complaint I have about police procedures.

Notice how the traffic has come right up to the scene before being diverted around it. The police never put warnings and diversions in place far enough from the scene. That's downright dangerous and it creates worse traffic congestion.

I'll do a separate posting about that I think.

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