Thursday, December 14, 2006

Horror crash on Sheikh Zayed Road

One of the worst yet. Radio gave sketchy information early morning, Gulf News is now reporting this:

Nine dead, more than fifty injured.

At least nine people have been killed after an accident involving three buses on the Shaikh Zayed Road this morning.

Photo.Tracy Brand/Gulf News

More than 50 people were also injured in the crash, which happened after a minivan collided with a bus on the Abu Dhabi bound carriageway of the Shaikh Zayed Road at around 7.30am. It is believed another bus was also involved in the crash, which happened near the Mall of the Emirates.

All three buses were carrying labourers.

The Rashid Hospital trauma unit said at least five people were seriously hurt, with more than 50 people injured in total.The dead men are believed to be Chinese and Indian.

Helicopters were called to the scene to transport the injured to hospitals across the city.Traffic tailed back for several kilometers as the emergency services had to cut people free from the wreckage.

Gulf News

This morning's radio reports said rubberneckers were causing more problems, with people even stopping their cars in the road to get out and look. Then they said as a result there was an accident on the other carriageway.

No surprise there then, that happens with every incident. I guess the police were too busy with the carnage to arrest the morons. Let's hope the cameras caught their details and, with any luck, they'll have their licences and cars taken away.


trailingspouse said...

One solution would be for the police to erect screens around accidents (as they do in some countries). As you say, rubbernecking is not only distasteful it is also dangerous.

Interesting to note they have not even put out road cones to funnel oncoming traffic past the accident . . . putting the emergency workers at risk too.

Seabee said...

Yes, advance warning is a real problem they haven't got their heads around. Whether it's an accident or roadworks the best you get is a cone or a red flag a couple of metres before the hazard.

Mesa Medical Malpractice said...

The crash looks fatal. My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. I hope they find the real cause of the accident and use it to avoid mistakes in the futures.