Sunday, November 05, 2006

Truth in advertising.

For several days now the papers have been carrying ads from developers bragging about winning one of the CNBC Property Awards.

It's a concentration that highlights something that’s really annoyed me for a long time - the way that artists' impressions depict the location and surroundings of planned buildings. These renders are used extensively in promotional sales material when the apartments are sold off the plan.

Dubai Marina is a good example, where tower after tower has been depicted by developers as having no other buildings around it, just landscaped gardens or parkland. And of course, they’re all absolute waterfront.

Here’s an ad from Gulf News, which incorporates a previous press release, “Promise Delivered”, about the Waterfront tower.

Here’s the artist’s impression. The name is ‘Waterfront’, the depiction is absolute waterfront.

And here are a couple of photographs I shot yesterday…

Yes folks, the building second from left is ‘Waterfront’ tower. Between it and the water is a wide pathway a large building plot and a road.

This isn't anything exceptional, it's the absolute norm for developers here.


trailingspouse said...

You could create a whole blog just devoted to the myth vs reality of these ads. Keep taking the pictures!

BTW did you see this letter in 7 Days? Have you seen any rats down there?

Seabee said...

Yes I saw the letter - and the photo looked more like a guinea pig than a rat! I haven't seen any rats running around - we have the ubiquitous Dubai stray cats that look reasonably well fed though...