Monday, November 27, 2006

Today's moron report

A normal drive along Al Sufouh Road and a short way along Al Wasl Road this afternoon. Not a long drive by any means. Out of peak time, not a huge amount of traffic, everything just average.

Here's what I noticed - I obviously didn't see it all, so this would represent just a percantage of the full story:

Illegal U-turn into oncoming traffic: 1

Jumping red light: 2

Talking on mobile phone: 8

Dangerously aggressive driving: 1

Dangerous speeding/lane weaving: 1

Police: Zero

Incorrect lane and exceeding the speed limit I don't bother with any more, it's so common.

If you don't live here you probably get tired of us complaining so often about the driving. If that's the case, have a look at what we're talking about on YouTube. This is CCTV footage in the new tunnel which runs under Dubai International Airport. Thanks to Dubai Sunshine for posting it there.

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