Monday, November 20, 2006

THIS is a road safety campaign.

Think about the road safety campaigns that the authorities run, and are planning to run, in Dubai.

Think about the 'quality' of advertising here too.

Then look at these road safety tv commercials running in the UK.

We need this kind of campaign here. Desperately.

This is absolutely brilliant advertising.

We need the whole team who produced the ads brought to Dubai to shoot and produce the same campaign here, and the authorities to run the same comprehensive media schedule.

It would cost much less in dollar terms than the ineffective, uncreative stuff we get. And the saving of lives would be priceless.

The commercials are here and here.

If you go to the UK Road Safety site you can check out all the ads, tv, cinema, radio, print media.

I urge everyone in advertising, agency and client alike, to go to the Road Safety website and spend time there. It's not only the creativity that's important, it's the thinking, the research, the conclusions, the identification of target audience segments, the integrated campaign, the comprehensive detail. This is a total, professional campaign. This is how advertising should be.

I'm indebted to our new friend S!ckbhOy for the heads-up on these commercials, which he gave on keefieboy's blog.


Anonymous said...

'Crash' is the one running here at the moment. One of the harshest ads on drinking and driving i've ever seen. It definately hits home.

Anonymous said...

definitely even :)