Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The usual mixture.

Just an update on my earlier postings about the lack of street cleaning in Dubai Marina.

I contacted Dubai Municipality and Emaar to find out who is responsible, with mixed results - as we expect in Dubai.

It's no surprise I'm sure that Dubai Municipality have not responded.

Emaar Customer Care Department responded immediately, saying that my enquiry had been passed on to the Community Management Department and a representative would contact me with the information.

A week later a representative had not contacted me so I re-sent the message to Customer Care. Again they responded immediately with a 'sincere apology' for the delay and saying my question had again been sent to Community Management. It's taken twelve days so far.

Mind you, it was a tricky question: "Who is responsible for street cleaning in Dubai Marina? Dubai Municipality, Emaar as Master Developer, individual developers or individual contractors? A real hot potato. You can imagine the scramble to duck for cover, pass it on, refer to higher authority, get authorisation for the draft answer...

So, top marks to Emaar Customer Care Department. Wouldn't it be nice if the other people and departments we have to constantly deal with were as efficient.

Dream on.

Oh, meanwhile the garbage, the builders' rubbish, the piles of blown sand continue to deface one of Dubai's alleged most prestigious developments.

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