Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dubai has world's best airport.

I must say I can't agree with Conde Nast Traveller magazine Readers' Travel Awards that Dubai has the world's best airport.

It's up there amongst the best I do agree, but Changi would have to come above. I haven't been into Hong Kong's new airport, but that's also been getting rave reviews.

I suspect it's all in the questionaire, the way it was formulated. DIA is certainly conveniently located for the city, it's new, the signage is good etc etc. But there are three major faults.

One, the huge distances you have to walk between aircraft and exit.

Two, the absolute chaos as you reach the exit. Huge uncontrolled crowds of people blocking the exit down to a single channel.

Three, the bodies sleeping not just on almost every seat but also all over the floor where you have to weave around or clamber over them.

Sort those problems out and maybe Dubai would compete with Changi.


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Seabee: hmmm that must have been one really skewed questionnaire. Changi is great, Hong Kong is an absolute dream and Dubai lags well, well behind both. (BTW the not so new now airport in Kuala Lumpur is pretty good too).

The only way that I might give this report some credence is if Heathrow came right at the bottom.


workhard said...

Yes!!!! I ve heard that too.. Dubais airport is one of the best!!!!

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