Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Carnage at Dubai Marina

Why do I keep on about the murderous driving in Dubai? Here’s why. I took these photographs an hour ago in Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina is a combination of residential and construction. Thousands of people live and work here, hundreds of construction vehicles are manoeuvring around, roads are frequently coned off with diversions in place. Caution when driving would seem to be a prerequisite.

Oh, and the speed limit is 60kph. That means nothing in Dubai of course, the wide, flat, straight roads are used as race tracks by the moronic majority.

Look at what’s left of these vehicles and consider whether the speed limit or common sense had anything to do with it.

More death, more injury, more bereaved families…and it is all so bloody unnecessary, so mindlessly stupid.


Felicity said...

This really beggers belief. It beggers belief too that the authorities continue to ignore it. What would it cost them to bring in decent driving instructors or get advice and start teaching some rules of the road? Seeing some of the 'stunts' there and in Kuwait, it's obvious that there is lack of even the most basic knowledge like spatial awareness, stopping distances etc. (consideration for others is another matter). It's tragic.

Desert Lady said...

I was trying to work out what it was in the first picture...a car, part of the truck... then I got to picture number 4 and realise it's a 4WD (I think). Unbelievable.

archer14 said...

These stunts are not really caused because they're careless. They're overworked, overstressed, and I guess theres no fun in racing a 5 ton truck in full speed..

That being said, I always look at those trailers while driving, often they have only the laws of gravity to hold them in place, and a sharp turn could be bloody disastrous. Like what happened a few months back.

trailingspouse said...

Looks like you scooped 7 Days on this one, Seabee http://www.7days.ae/2006/05/10/someone-will-die.html. Apparently this is by no means the first accident at this location. As usual everyone is passing the buck on responsibility. Why the hell don't they just put up a temporary Stop sign if they can't get the signal working?

weeman76 said...

Surely it is long over due for authorities to take some serious action, higher fines, bans etc & enforce them on everyone, like felicity mentioned, better driving instructors would also help a great deal.

Tainted Female said...

I do believe that many people just don’t GET how common such sites really are around here; thus assuming we’re dramatizing the whole situation. These pictures make it a little more clear… I have a question, how many cars are these of? And how many accidents? You said all photos were taken within the hour, but it looks like there’s at least 3 demolished vehicles. That’s a lot, even for here.

Seabee said...

Desert Lady & Tainted - it's one accident and there were two vehicles, the cement mixer truck and a 4X4.

The 4x4 was cut in half just in front of the windscreen and the pile of unrecognisable metal in the second picture is the engine and front of the 4X4.