Wednesday, May 17, 2006

At last! The truth!

We've been saying it for as long as I can remember - it's hotter than the official weather report is telling us. Here's a revelation from today's GN:

A senior official at the Abu Dhabi-based UAE Meteorological Authority said the hot weather would not be "unusual" as the mercury dips and rises between 42 to 49C, particularly in Al Ain and other desert cities. Conditions in coastal cities are characterised by high humidity that rises to 90 per cent at times.
"The temperature is actually three to four degrees higher than reported in our bulletins," said the official, adding this difference was caused by the specific temperature measuring apparatus.



archer14 said...

At least now we know how inept the weathermen are. Never heard of correction factors I guess. How about he just add +3 or+4 to the final value when he's supposed to do his job properly?

Anonymous said...

And surely as the "weather people" their specific temperature measuring apparatus should be slightly more accurate. I mean, what does this apparatus consist of, a bloke sat in an Echo in the car park?

One final thought, how do they know the temperature is out? What do they compare it against and how do they determine which of those sources is correct. It could be that their apparatus is incredibly accurate and the comparative device is inaccurate? And if so why not just give is the correct reading? Now there's a thought....

trailingspouse said...

Perhaps he meant how hot it actually "feels" taking the humidity into account. In Canada they refer to this as the humidex.

I've always said that being a meteorologist in the UAE has got to be one of the most boring jobs on earth . . . it's either hot & sunny, or hot, humid and sunny. This quote only confirms the job doesn't attract the brightest and the best.