Sunday, March 12, 2006

That'll stop the carnage!

New law proposes cancelling licences of dangerous drivers

Nissar Hoath, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi: A draft law with amendments in federal traffic rules, which include cancellation of driving licence, the introduction of black points, and fines ranging from Dh600 to Dh2,000, has been submitted to the Ministry of Interior.

Gulf News report.

How can I put this? You could have mandatory death by stoning and it still wouldn't help if the rules are not policed!

The problem is that no-one is obeying the rules and no-one is enforcing them. Speed limits, forget it; lane discipline, forget it; red light,ignore it; signalling, no need; registration, not necessary; no licence, drive anyway. And so it goes on.

The answer is simple - police patrols out in numbers enforcing the rules. Will it happen? Don't hold your breath.


redstar said...

Did you check the licence plate on the police traffic fines site?

Chances are this guy owes thousands in fines, yet is still allowed to reregister his car every year...

redstar said...

Sorry, that comment was meant for your other post.

I thought the 7 Days article on Brigadier Al Zafein's comments about Dubai's traffice carnage was hilarious - the head of Dubai's traffic police complaining about traffic deaths! What next, the head of CID complaining about unsolved crime?

Seabee said...

More amazing was that he seemed surprised at the figures! Wasn't he aware of what's happening on the roads?