Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good news on bad news

The bad news is that there's bad news. Bad stuff happens in the UAE.

The good news is that at long last at least some of it is being published locally.

The industrial unrest (riot?) at Burj Dubai story was published overseas and there was, naturally, some discussion on blogs & forums whether it would a) appear at all in our mainstream media and b) would appear but in a heavily self-censored form.

Well, I heard it being discussed on the radio this morning and I read in Gulf News more-or-less what I'd read in overseas papers.

It's a small step for mankind, but it's a step in the right direction.


nzm said...

I agree that it's a small step forward, but they're still uttering the same old chestnuts in Gulf News

"..a consequence of misinformation and misunderstanding with some of our workforce."

"These issues have now been addressed and resolved through official channels with the assistance of the Dubai Labour Ministry and representatives from our directly engaged workforce."

"We've met with their management who have promised to try to fulfil some of the workers' demands."

At US$4 a day, I'd say that these guys have a right to get themselves heard! How much elasticity can there be before the rubber band snaps?

Gautam said...

Very is indeed a move towards the right direction...I am glad they have acted against the suffering they are going through.

Seabee said...

Agreed, they still churned out the cliches, but at least they included the stuff about damage, the strikers calling their mates on other sites to demonstrate etc.

I must say I was surprised to see that, it's usually just the cliches!