Monday, March 13, 2006

Prat Of The Day...

Knowledge Village to Dubai Marina at lunchtime. The usual brain-dead morons on the road but the winner of today's Prat Of The Day prize is:

Landcruiser Registration No.(deleted on advice)
For over a kilometre, on the mobile phone the whole time, left indicator flashing while moving into the right lane, a burst of speed way beyond the 80 limit almost immediately to weave back over to the left again to take a left turn, slam the brakes on to avoid running into the back of the cars waiting for the lights to change.


CG said...

Hmmmm not sure if you can do that or not. (the reg number). From past experience my advise would be to unpost it.

samuraisam said...

Yeah, I would remove the rego number

Seabee said...

OK, deleted on your advice. Why? If there's a police hotline for reporting dangerous drivers you need to give the registration number. It's reporting the facts, why give the perpetrator anonymity?

samuraisam said...

Because the perpetrator may have mystical wasta powers.

And it is only your word for it, it could count as slander or somesuch, though i'm no legal expert whatsoever. You have also provided no photographic evidence, though, last time someone posted photographs of a car with the numberplates their blog was proxied.

nzm said...

Making a private complaint to the police and publicly outing the driver (by his car's number plate) on your blog are 2 different things.

In today's edition of Emirates Today (page 4), this post was listed in the Blog Bites.

If the number plate had been mentioned, it might have brought "unwanted" attention to your blog.

I know that remaining anonymous doesn't worry you, but it would be prudent to be a bit careful about what you do write - especially when it comes to identifying someone who may not like it.


nzm said...

btw - we write this advice because we care for you and would hate to see your blog "disappear".


Seabee said...

M, I feel all warm and loved :-))

OK, OK, OK, in future I'll let them keep their, undeserved, anonymity.

DubaiTeen said...

If you look around you, you'll see atleast a million such drivers on mobiles. All my friends' fathers are on their mobiles while driving, that too at 120kmph on Shk. Zayed Rd. Talking on the mobile while driving should be made illegal.

And the anonymity was really undeserved, but you could have described the car anyway (other drivers would be warned).