Saturday, October 10, 2009

Emirates' Aussie resort opens

One of the big stories in today's Aussie newspapers' travel sections is the opening of the Wolgan Valley Resort by Emirates.

It's about 190 kilometres west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains, a stunningly beautiful huge National Park.

The area was named because oil from the eucalyptus trees which cover the area give the air a blue haze. The air has a very nice perfume too, as you can imagine.

Photo: The Australian

Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

If you fancy having a few days there for your next holiday you'll need to start saving. The cheapest suite is A$1,950 a night, which is about AED6,000, full board and including a couple of 'nature-based activities' each day.

The Sydney Morning Herald has one of the stories, which includes some good photos


Katie Ngo said...

thats a gorgeous picture you have of it.

Dave said...

At AUD1950 per night very few aussies could afford to stay there. So I am presuming it is targeting Emirates more affulent clients that have the time and desire to view the bush.

My recommendation is to get a tent, a vehicle and some supplies and you will probably save AUD1800 per night, and be closer to the real bush.....

Bush Mechanic said...

It's featured in the age online today.
According to the manger, they were expecting 30% Oz to 70% international and that mostly from Europe and USA. Now they think more likely 50/50. There was no mention of Mid East guests!
I think there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. Still, it looks spectacular.
For budget,