Sunday, June 07, 2009

The real Dubai

I'm going through my big file of recent photographs, trying to get them sorted out and filed into the appropriate folders.

A couple were worth posting I thought, because they're of the real Dubai, the original city around the Creek.

There's a lot of development around there too I'm afraid, and huge redevelopment planned, especially in Bur Dubai. The promenade along the Creek has already been dug up ready for it all.

Enjoy it while we can...

The gold souk is a shadow of its former glory, sad to say. It now caters largely for tourists and more than half the shops sell the usual, standard western jewellery they can buy at home, but at cheaper prices.

The glittering windows full of the local and Indian style jewellery are fast disappearing - they're setting up as mini gold souks in places such as Satwa.

But there are still a few traditional shops clinging on in the gold souk, like this one...


ZeTallGerman said...

seabee, I also love the area around the Creek :-)
Over the past few months it seems to me as if many of the "traditional" Asian gold traders have actually set-up shop in the Gold & Diamond Park. I've been there a few times recently and many of them have closed their shops in the Gold Souk due to "only tourists visiting & looking, not really buying, and our regular customers don't want to travel into Deira area with traffic, etc."
The Gold & Diamond Park seems to be doing well for itself, catering for "New Dubai". Definitely worth a visit.

Seabee said...

I haven't got around to visiting the G&DP yet - on your advice I'll make the effort :-)

Photos Dubai said...

Hey... Loely pic there. The Dubai creek and the areas around it truly reflect the real Dubai. It is not surprising that I have had several posts on the subject inclduing abras, the Bastakiya area, the dhows etc.

I love to go down there and spend time ther. Just sitting and watching the hustle and bustle of the place.

Rick said...

I traveled to Dubai last year for business. What an amazing country.

Many people there can live the life of the rich and famous.

Will be fun to see how it progresses and deals with the growing pains.

dubai properties said...

I love gold souk and i stay near to it. I have heard lots of story from my uncle about the old dubai.He is here for last 50 years