Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The egg genie

I always enjoy reading the reports about black magic and genies and my thanks to Jess for sending me the link to 7Days' latest update on the magic world.

It seems to be a more common phenomenon than I'd realised, magicians casting their spells about one a week on average. Well many more than that I'm sure because that's the number dealt with by the police.

It's such a problem that Dubai Police have a special department within Dubai CID with a team of officers dedicated to the subject.

7Days have an interview with Brigadier Khaleel Al-Mansouri, the head of CID, who gives some intereresting examples.

I particularly liked the genies and the eggs story.

It was actually a sting operation, the client being an undercover cop.

He was told to bring a tray of eggs to the magician's house where genies would put $100 into each egg.

The magician did some acting and abracadabra-ing, then sent the client/cop out of the room to fetch some water.

You'll never guess...

He switched a real egg for one which already had $100 in it and told the client/cop to stamp on it to get the money.

The cops arrested him - and thought it was particularly funny that the real egg he'd hidden smashed in his pocket

Here's the story.

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