Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's the solution

Checking through the search engine phrases people had typed which led them to 'Life in Dubai' I came across this one:

Search Engine Host

Search Engine Phrase
is there a solution to life

Newcastle Upon Tyne

What's going on in the northeast of England that a Geordie is asking that, I wonder. Something to do with the local obsession, their football team perhaps?

I actually have the answer because in Bur Dubai the other day I came across a company which can obviously help...

One of my least favourite buzzwords again.

I've ranted about it before, when I've come across marketing solutions, yacht solution, experiential solution, human capital solutions but this one seems to offer solutions to everything.


Anonymous said...

Good one :)

alexander... said...

I did a column for Campaign a couple of years ago where I complained about 'Solutionism', the practice of using solution to describe your solution. I justified the word by sending people to Wikipedia to confirm it was a real word.

I then went to Wikipedia and wrote up the entry. For two glorious months, solutionism was a word.

Then I got reported for Wiki vandalism. I consider it to have been worth it...