Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Beach romp final, final word

Shock horror! Surely not! I can't believe it!

"It's a fair cop, we dun it" says Vince.

And there I was believing them when they denied it all, Vince sent that tear-jerking letter to 7Days, they promised to get married...

But safely back in freezing England, Vince spills the beans to that fine example of quality journalism, the Daily Mirror.

In true tabloid form, from the original 'poor Brits face six years jail' reports they've now turned on him:

Shoe-horned into a cheap suit which does nothing for his corned-beef complexion and double chin, Vince Acors is no obvious romeo.

Charmless, overweight and unaccountably full of himself, he cuts an unedifying figure as he lopes in, winking at the hotel receptionist with a leery grin.

But, incredibly, this is the self-styled stud who narrowly escaped six years in jail for his drunken antics on a Dubai beach.

I love the way the tabloids do that, play a 'human interest' story for all it's worth for a while, then turn and bite the subject.

The Mirror's readers must have been tut-tutting at the prospect of jail for the poor dears, now they're tut-tutting at their antics.

That's the tabloid world for you, rags and readers alike.

Anyway, back to Vince.

Probably the thing I dislike most about the way Dubai has changed is the people it now attracts.

These days there are far too many like Vince and his new-found friends:

I’m a red-blooded bloke who’d spent 13 hours gorging on limitless champagne, vodka and lobster.

Michelle was slumped in the corner, looking very drunk and rather miserable.

I’d been drinking solidly since 12.30pm. When the free champagne ran out at 8pm, the group of 30 moved on to a club.

But on the beach, under the stars and with a bellyful of Moet, I was game.

I’d been drinking for 13 hours, there wasn’t an awful lot of thinking involved.

(At the police station) She was telling everyone exactly what she thought of them. She was still completely p***ed.

Michelle spent the time on her mobile ringing her friends, but they were all too drunk to help.

He goes on to brag about his exploits, here and elsewhere, and to slag off Michelle.

A class act.

The story is here.


ZeTallGerman said...

Two Words: Human Scum.
So, they got off with only a 1,000 Dirham fine, and now he'll probably make a pretty penny selling his story to the tabloids, writing a book, and maybe even a little TV series for Channel 4 to be named "sand in my crotch". Why Al Slammer Authorities didn't make an example of these two to all the "infidel expatriates", I'll never know.

Seabee said...

What with the poppy seed bagels, the Melatonin, Al Slammer for gesturing at someone and now this you begin to think that maybe our legal system could be a laughing stock around the world...

nzm said...

Everyone should read this eye witness story about what a class act this guy is.

Seabee said...

NZM I'd missed that one, thanks for the link. Says it all really.

boxster said...

Dubai and its legal system, messed up as it is, seems to be suffering from special interest propaganda attacks from the tabloids abroad.

I first lived in the AE in 1993 and even back then there was the story, or what actually seems to be an urban legend, of the 3 poppy seeds arrest.

I googled about for the Cat Le Huy and all I found were tabloid stories or blogs like this, with references to other friend-of-a-friend stories. No legitimate news source seems to have published this. The guy was actually released within weeks - if there were real drugs or real charges involved then no public pressure would have helped.

Try for yourself - open news.google.com and type in dubai poppy, dubai cannabis, dubai melatonin.

I am not defending Dubai. They do have a very strict zero tolerance policy. Their proximity to Iran makes it a very attractive destination for transit of illegal drugs.

But those that do get arrested (eg. Grooverider or sexy beach) have really stepped over the line with their ignorance, arrogance and disrespect for local customs, traditions and laws.

Seabee said...

I googled about for the Cat Le Huy and all I found were tabloid stories or blogs like this. No legitimate news source seems to have published this.

Boxster, not true. The legitimate mainstream media carried the stories, including the BBC, The Times, The Independent, the Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald etc etc. If you google his name you'll find them.

Anonymous said...

Champagne is mentioned five times in that article, but this takes the cake.

“....on the beach, under the stars and with a bellyful of Moet,......"

Someone should get a hold of this dim wit and scream in his ears;


Not that it would have made a difference, but he boasts about it like he's got it all.

a question of a question said...
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sunil said...

zelltag that is hilarious. like i said, it is amazing how youtube is blocked but you can go down the street and pick up 4 prostitutes...