Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's time to dig out the sweaters.

It's been almost a year since the last cold wet weather so the sweaters were at the back of cupboards or the bottom of draws.

Rummaging around to find them was the order of the day though, it's been decidely chilly the last week.

It's been wet too.

According to the Dubai Met Office we've had colder, wetter than average weather for December already.

Over 40mm of rain has fallen, half of it on Thursday, we've had five days of rain already while the average for the whole month is only 3.6. Temperatures have been no higher than 22ºC on some days in Dubai and parts of the emirate went to a night-time low of 12ºC.

But it looks as though it's going to improve. They say that from today it will warm up again, to a pleasant 26ºC or so daytime. Still a chilly 17ºC at night though.


i*maginate said...

Hi seabee - nice photo.

I love it when the sky looks like it does in your photo - love the weather just before and after rain!

The loveliest weather was on Saturday - the day/night after the storm. I was lucky enough to witness the lightning all accross the sky as I was on at a beach hotel late that night.

Keefieboy said...

Ach, now I miss Dubai! It's been pretty chilly in Madrid, today is windy and rainy. I'm trying to dry the washing indoors in front of the electric heater. Ah well.

Seabee said...

That sounds far too cold for me Keefie.

nzm said...

Oh darn - and here I was thinking that I was cold as I sit here in the dark from 3:30pm each day and it's 2degC outside.

Poor you! ;-)

rosh said...

UAE is most beautiful in winter. Love this sort of weather.

Abid said...


2 degrees?

Try the -15 celsius here!

Dave said...

Love a UAE winter!!

nzm said...

Abid: thanks, but no thanks - really!

Anonymous said...

Seabee : Whats your opinion on this elderly Bedouin's comments, he sure looks like a nice, honet person from the yesteryears !


Even love has changed, he believes. “There is hardly any true love these days. People fake love with many partners at a time while in the past, mingling was strictly prohibited and a woman spotted with a man would lose her life.

Seabee said...

Anon, he's nostalgic for the old days, as so many people around the world are. Progress isn't all good, any more than the past was. Some things are better changed, other things better if they're left as they are.

There's a good example in the quote you've included. Was it ever a good thing that a woman spotted with a man would be killed!

Aliceandbows said...

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The Sandman said...

You know it's winter in Dubai when the weather outside matches the freezing air-conditioned offices inside!

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