Thursday, September 11, 2008

UAE feels the Iran earthquake

Three pm yesterday and there were tremours from an earthquake in Iran felt across Dubai and the northern emirates.

Reports are saying that in Iran seven people were killed and forty injured, bad but it could have been so much worse looking back at previous 'quakes in the country.

Here the authorities say there was no damage, although many buildings were evacuated. People are saying their buildings shook noticeably, desks moving, lights swinging back and forth.

I was in Dubai Marina at the time and felt nothing. Mrs Seabee said her office building in Knowledge Village trembled slightly, but that's only three storeys high.

Many people are relating their experience of it to the media, but not the ones I'd like to hear from - the guys in the cranes above the world's tallest building Burj Dubai.


Anonymous said...

You think the guys on top were worried? What about the poor buggers below!!

Alexander said...

Did you see Gulf News' mad cover story on it? They were quoting someone called 'Padmini Stump' which was such as wonderful name that I'm still giggling...