Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A permanent building site.

People complain all the time that 'nothing ever gets finished' in Dubai.

Not quite true, things do get finished...but then they're dug up again.

And that's why it's a never-ending construction site, with all the traffic, the pollution, the frustration problems that causes. Not to mention a bottomless pit for money.

Most of it is due to the major problem-causing fault here. Either a total lack of planning or totally incompetent planning.

Dubai Marina is a classic.

The original plan had just one way in and out, one bridge across the northern opening which has only one lane in each direction. At the southern end the roads were completed, palm trees and landscaping in. Four bridges across the marina itself finished.

Bad planning!

A new interchange had to go in at the southern end, which meant ripping up all the just-finished roads. An additional bridge is being built across the northern opening. A fifth bridge being built across the marina.

The result is road chaos, huge amounts of wasted money, double the pollution from cement dust, years added to the completion date.

But it's not just those major stuff-ups causing endless problems. Even worse than that is the hole digging.

Buildings are finished, people move in...and a year later the entire front is dug up for cabling.

This is a stretch of the southern part of the marina, where Marina Park, Marina Pearl and Waterfront are the buildings suffering the most. The buildings were finished, people have been living in them, shops and cafes have been operating, for between one and two years.

They were looking good. Then along came the hole diggers...

Why wasn't the original cabling done to cater for the buildings that were planned?

For different reasons, there's another 'will-it-ever-be-finished' saga going on by the access to Palm Jumeirah. There we have the much-vaunted Dubai Pearl, the 'futuristic city' which would be another 'icon'.

That was going to be completed in May 2006 and it was going to look like this:

Here it is today:

Yes folks, almost two years after it was due to be finished the demolition squad is in, knocking down the buildings and digging up the foundations.


LDU said...

So they're knocking down the buildings to replace them with a different design or is the plan no longer happening?

Seabee said...

A new developer with a new design. There was obviously a problem with the original developer.

Keefieboy said...

Yes, I'd noticed the spectacular lack of progress on that particular site: and not so far from there is River Walk - or would be if it hadn't turned out that TECOM didn't actually own the land for that.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that this post is now more than 7 month old but thanks for the direct comment on such situation of endless pain of construction and reconstruction in Dubai. I am not sure when people living in Dubai will have a normal life without having to see all these construction sites along with ugly view of equipment covering the horizon.

Also I was reading the comment of Kourosh Zibari and I was surprised how irrelevant his comment is to the subject. Not only that add to that his ignorance to the historical fact that all people lives on both side of the gulf are Arab even though the east coast of gulf is ruled by the Persian aggression called Islamic Republic of Iran. Very funny

Seabee said...

Anon, I hadn't seen his comment - I've now removed it.