Monday, February 11, 2008

More nostalgia

Over on the UAE Community Blog, localexpat has been wallowing in nostalgia about the good ol'days.

That prompted me to dig out a couple of my bits of nostalgia - click on the pic to enlarge if you want to read the wording:

Yes folks, I was an 'Official' at the very first Dubai International Horse Show. I think it was about 1981 or '82 and it was held at the Dubai Metropolitan Hotel on Abu Dhabi Road, as it was called then. I remember they upset their football team by digging up the football pitch at the back to build the horse show arena.

And the brass plate is what several of the hotels used to give away as souvenirs - I have others in a box somewhere - this one from the Dubai Hilton to celebrate its fifth birthday in 1983. That's the hotel that used to be behind the Trade Centre but was demolished a couple of years ago.

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EF said...

Having just looked at your blog, I am remided fondly of that very event where there were a number of different ribbons for V.I.P, Competitor, Sponsor etc...all coloured differently! I remember the brass band pumping out the National Anthem and the horses all going around the arean with large white wooden signs of where we were from! I went on to compete in the event a few years on the trot...happy days!