Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why so many fires?

Photo: Devadasan. Gulf News
I wonder why it is that we seem to have an inordinately high number of vehicle fires after crashes.
Monday's reports were of a speeding 4x4 on Dubai-Al Ain road smashing into a car parked on the hard shoulder. The driver of the 4x4 and the two people in the parked car were all incinerated.
There are similar crashes in other countries but it's a real rarity to read of the vehicles burning. Here the vehicles seem to burst into flames far too often. I'm sure that many more people would survive the crashes if the fire problem could be removed.
Something for the authorities to look into?


i*maginate said...

Why indeed? Is there an automechanical reason for this, coupled with the heat? I have no idea...maybe it's to do with the way the accidents occur, i.e. hitting each others' engines!

Umm no further guessing from me! But interesting Q.

LDU said...

Hmmmm...Are there any UAE manufactured cars around, or are they mostly common models? i.e. ford, nissan etc...

Seabee said...

Ldu, none are made here they're the usual European, American and Japanese cars. (Plus Holden Commodores, you'll be pleased to hear).

moryarti said...

It’s the horrific speed Seabee. Impact at high speed increases the chances of ripping apart the intestines (fuel pluming and gas tank) of any locomotive..