Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Depressed in Dubai?

Browsing through the visitors to this blog reveals some interesting things.

One is the number of people living in Dubai who use search engines to find answers about life here.

Another is the interesting questions they ask.

Today a visitor living in Dubai typed into google: Dubai will not last.
S/he obviously isn't feeling confident about the place.

Another wants to know: private beach, Dubai+topless.

An interesting question to Yahoo: minimal wage in dubai uae.
Many labourers, and others, would surely agree they get a 'minimal wage'.

And another who sounds fed up with life here wants the following information from google:
dubai irresponsible.


i*maginate said...

Sir seabee, someone's blogname seems to be attracting a certain sect of visitors.

As for some of the *desperate brand, of late, "HHIE" and "princess" prove the popular search terms. The word "desperate" features also - in various combinations - from time to time. The rest needs no ellaboration.

Seabee said...

Yes, I think I'll have to be more careful what I write about, I seem to be getting some strange search engine listings :-)