Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chaos at the Marina

If you have to go to or through Dubai Marina over the next few days, this is a heads up that you'll need to allow at least an extra 4o minutes for the journey. If you're visiting a business in the free zone you'll be late if you don't.

Twice this morning, early and late, I sat for over 40 minutes to travel less than two kilometres.

The cause of the problem is the area between the traffic signal junction outside Marina Heights tower and Mina Seyahi.

They've changed the main traffic signal intersection to a temporary roundabout, closed off half the road and traffic going towards the free zone is now on the 'wrong' side of the road, changed the traffic signal sequences and timings.

And a flyover which is part of the monster new Intersection 5 has suddenly opened. I don't know where it comes from but it's bringing extra traffic in to the small traffic signal interestion outside Marina Heights at Phase 1 (the Spinneys entrance).

Naturally, it was all changed overnight with no warning, there are no signs to help so there's a lot of confusion adding to the chaos.

Both sides of the Marina are affected so don't bother going over a bridge to the other side, it's also jammed. I tried this morning.

I guess there will be continuous changes and people will get used to it, so it may get a bit better over the next few days. For the time being it's almost gridlock.

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caz said...

Seems things have to get worse before they get better, not at all unusual.

From my driveway to the roundabout at the top of Wamberal shops, is now an unholy mess. Trees are gone, the road is up , and they may be laying drains, whatever, I cannot see things getting back to 'normal' before Christmas. The corner of Reads Rd, is a dog's breakfast, and the corner as you come into the roundabout from Ocean Beach Rd, looks as though it will disappear. In the morning it must resemble Dubai in peak hour.