Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beach update.

Back from Cairo - and am I pleased to be back in clean, unpolluted, garbage-free Dubai!

More of that later.

I went for my usual walk along Umm Suqeim beach earlier this morning, the one that caused so much comment when the development on it was announced - only for Sheikh Mohammed to step in and stop the project.

If you scroll down to 'Life's a beach' you'll see the photos I took on March 18. Here, from the same locations, are the photos I took this morning.

Not quite gone but almost, and the workmen are now going in the right direction, taking stuff from the beach rather than putting it onto the beach.

And finally, a shot from way up towards the other end of the beach. People complain that we don't have much beach, but they're the ones who repeat hearsay and rumours rather than checking things out for themselves. This stretch is several kilometres long, it's free and open to all.


trailingspouse said...

Now that they've decided it WILL be a public beach, I wonder if they'll put in a few amenities. I've always wondered why there are no public toilets here. What do people do? Pee in the water? Or do I just have a weak bladder?

nzm said...

Funny things are still going on there, though.

There is now a strange looking "ship" moored off the fishing port breakwater and another one further out into the Gulf, with tiny tugboats anchored in the straight line between them.

Perhaps DEWA has succumbed and is finally laying power cables and water lines to The World??

Plus, the barges are still dumping sand in the water off the beach. The sand on the beach is going muddy.

Plus plus, the portable offices are still in place down by the port end and there are people working out of them.


Trailing Spouse: that's probably why you see a lot of people going into the water and only getting wet to their waists - even when the water is too cold for swimming!

I was down there this morning and the water's so much warmer than it was 2 weeks ago. Time to swim!

Seabee said...

tsYes, it could do with some basic amenities such as toilets, but then there are so few around the city it seems to not be something the authorities think about.

nzm, it's a drilling rig or a dredger or something like that I think - you could be right, it may be laying cables or something though. It's a very odd looking craft I agree.

The site office huts are maybe there until the fence and all the concrete blocks etc have gone...maybe. Let's hope it's not for anything else, although now The Big Boss has spoken I doubt it would be.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I was there in January and it looked pretty much like the last picture you posted. Altough of course no one was swimming, reckon it was too cold for that.

If it is gonna be a public beach do you reckon they will gear it up for that, with life guard towers and what nots?

Seabee said...

It's been a public beach for a long long time, the whole stretch of several kilometres. There is a lifeguard tower on this stretch, towards the fishing port, I was standing in it to take the second photo. But I don't remember seeing them on the rest of the beaches.