Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Infrastructure catching up...

Slowly but, hopefully, surely the infrastructure in Dubai is catching up with the frantic growth.
The Metro is pushing on visibly and quickly, a new fleet of buses has been ordered, new water transport is ordered, new roads and intersections are coming on stream. And now the real bottleneck has some relief.

The fourth crossing of the Creek half opened last night, six of the thirteen lanes. That's the Business Bay Crossing which is about 1.5 km south of Al Garhoud Bridge. That should help to relieve the Dubai/Sharjah chaos, obviously easing some of the jams in the tunnel and on the other bridges but also on the approach roads. It all helps to spread the load.
Photo. Arshad Ali/Gulf News
It's part of a road corridor that will join Sheikh Zayed Road & Emirates Road through Bur Dubai and Deira and on into Sharjah.
The story, map and more photos are in Gulf News, here.

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