Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The good ol' days. Part 6

At last I've found the time to go through the old slides again and scan a few more.

I took these back in the late seventies on my first life in Dubai and they give some idea of the changes over what is really not a very long period.

Beautiful downtown Deira has changed a bit since 1978 when I took these:

They've done a bit around the Creek too:

Apart from the sunshade awning we have now, the abras haven't changed. However, a big and interesting change of attitude which I noticed as soon as we came back is the flags. Even when we left in 1984 there was only a vary rare glimpse of a UAE national flag, the vast majority were the red & white Dubai flag, as on the dhows in this photo:

Something else that's disappeared - the street photographers with their amazing props. They used Polaroid instant cameras and did big business.

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CG said...

fantastic. a walk down memory lane. Sombody pulleeez take me back there.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

This is amazing seabee! My first time here. What a treasure of pics you got . Dubai changes very fast, even within a year so I reckon you must have seen it change its colours like the skin of the cameleont.