Thursday, August 17, 2006

Christian fascists?

Remembering this, President Bush said Thursday that an uncovered British terror plot to blow up planes flying to the United States was further proof "that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists.", I wonder whether terrorists carrying out murderous attacks on behalf of their warped Christian beliefs, such as bombing abortion clinics and murdering the doctors, will be classified as 'Christian fascists'?

Or what about these Catholics:

Bomb discovery fuels fears of dissident republican revival

Owen Bowcott, Ireland correspondentThursday August 17, 20

The discovery of a partially detonated 70lb bomb in a house being built for the Ulster Unionist peer Lord Ballyedmond was blamed yesterday on dissident republican groups intent on launching a fresh campaign of terror.

The incident followed the Real IRA's claim of responsibility last week for fires in retail stores in Newry, County Down, and explosions on the nearby Belfast-Dublin railway line. More than £10m damage was caused.

In this week's attack on Lord Ballyedmond's house near Hackballscross, Co Louth, the detonator on the bomb, packed in a natural gas cylinder, exploded but failed to set off the main charge. Irish army bomb disposal experts eventually made it safe.

The Guardian

Just wondering whether being Christian makes a difference...


redstar said...

It does make a difference. If the terrorist acts you are committing are being carried out as part of a campaign that's heavily influenced by your Christian beliefs, then you'd be a Christian terrorist. If you're a terrorist whose religion is not relevant to the murders you're committing you're just a plain old terrorist.

For example, blowing people up aspart of a wider campaign to create an Islamic republic in the UK makes you an Islamic terrorist.

A Christian and a Muslim terrorist working together to create a communist republic in Cornwall would simply be communist terrorists.

Seabee said...

I know.

But my point is whether anyone would call them Christian fascists.

Anonymous said...

The IRA seeks to throw the Brits out of Ireland. The Islamic terrorists seek to kill or subjugate all kufir on the planet.

The IRA does not have broad, worldwide support among the Catholic world. Islamic terrorists do.

Some soft-headed Irish Americans support the IRA out of some misguided nostalgia for a country they've never been to. The IRA is very careful to only show attacks on British soldiers and not fish and chip shops and the like. They are also VERY careful about avoiding any mention of marxism which turns off Americans very quickly.

The IRA's underpinnings are not Catholicism, they're sectarian nationalism. They do not shout "God is great" or anything of the sort when murdering.

redstar said...

I see. I agree it was a poor choice of word. Most likely an off the cuff, as opposed to a scripted remark.

Seabee said...

anonymous, The IRA is very careful to only show attacks on British soldiers and not fish and chip shops and the like.

I'm afraid you don't know the history of the IRA's attacks if you think they only attack soldiers. You're way, way off the truth.