Thursday, August 31, 2006

The buck stops where?

I know the answer is going to be ‘not us’.

The question? Who is responsible for street cleaning in Dubai Marina?

At the Jebel Ali end where there is a huge amount of construction there are also several buildings complete and occupied plus shops and cafes. A residential population.

There is also a huge amount of general rubbish, builders’ rubbish, stones, sand and cement dust all over the streets. The basic community service of street cleaning does not exist.

Dangerous, unsightly, unhealthy, unnecessary. Filthy streets. In one of Dubai’s new prestige projects.

It simply is not good enough.

Now whether it’s the responsibility of the Municipality, Emaar the Master Developer, individual developers or the individual contractors I have no idea. My guess is that each will say it’s the responsibility of one of the others.

I’ve written to the Municipality and Emaar…


nzm said...

Make sure that you tell us their reply!

nina said...

Where were the pictures takes?

Seabee said...

nina, in the first photo buildings are Belvedere (on the right) and Waterfront (on the left). In the second photo the buildings are Marina Pearl and Marina Park on the right. To the left you can just see a part of Marina Westside building.

These are all occupied and are at the Jebel Ali end of Dubai Marina.