Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day in the life...

I thought I had a major problem with my personal mobility solution yesterday.

When I put it into gear there was a loud and expensive-sounding grinding and rattling.

Gearbox? I hoped not, that'd cost a bit and have me mobility challenged going forward.

Or more accurately, I wouldn't be going forward.

Anyway, I took it straight to the workshop and it turned out to be nothing more serious than damaged engine and transmission mountings.

Done in the day and now running smoothly and quietly again.

I had to fill up with petrol on the way back and overall the day highlighted how inexpensive many things in Dubai are.

Petrol is Dh1.92 a litre (about US52 cents), I took a Metro ride from Dubai Marina all the way to Deira City Centre for Dh6.50 (about US1.75) and a taxi from there to the workshop cost me the minimum charge of Dh10 (about US2.70). The same distance a couple of months ago back home in Oz cost me the equivalent of about Dh35.

Sadly not mine, but an example of the best looking
personal mobility solution ever designed.
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Mauro said...

I'm an italian student and tfebruary,I will move to Dubai to study...but I don't know nobody there and my is an adventure!I really appreciate to find new friends to support me in my adventure,have you got an e-mail to write you some questions?


Seabee said...

Mauro, you will find my e-mail on my Profile.

Swiss James said...

I've been reading through all of the posts you made with the "Dubai Expensive?" category- very useful stuff for someone looking into a move out there and trying to see past the hype and noise.

Great work on the blog in general- every post I've read has been useful and interesting, I'll be sure to keep following it when I make the move.

Seabee said...

Thank you James, glad to be of help :-)