Monday, January 10, 2011

The fog dun some of it

Fog can make for interesting photos, like this morning in Dubai Marina...

...but when it's combined with idiot drivers the picture is quite different:

Photo: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi once again had the worst of it. In this 18 vehicle crash two people were killed and eleven were injured, two seriously.

At least the fog wasn't blamed this time. This carnage was attributed to an idiot driver, who apparently "exited the highway without paying attention to traffic in the adjacent lane".

Nothing new there then.

The fog dunnit elsewhere in AD though. They weren't crashes, they were 'accidents'.

According to Gulf News ...multi-vehicle accidents...were due to poor visibility and heavy fog at dawn.

I'm concerned about some of the advice reportedly given to motorists by the Director of AD Police Traffic & Control Dept. 'Take simple precautions such as switching on hazard lights' was part of his advice according to Gulf News.

Gulf News has the story here.


Keefieboy said...

Seabee - that first photo is brilliant. The second one reminded me of driving in fog in Dubai - I'm so glad I survived the times when I had to do that. And 'the fog did it!', I'd laugh if it wasn't so serious. What's so hard to understand about the relationship between visibility, stopping distances and speed?

Seabee said...

With or without fog Keefie, as you know, there's no relationship between speed and stopping distance in the mind of most UAE drivers.

Ace said...

I happened to be out driving that day and only about 50% of the cars displayed headlights and/or foglights. As far as speed, it was "business as usual". I don't understand the ignorance/death wish of some motorists.

Using hazard flashers is bad advice.

rosh said...

I will be honest - most of the ignorant (or the stupid) are the drivers who learned driving from the third world ways! It's just stunning that many idiots out there cannot comprehend, driving is not just about speed, acceleration and a steering wheel!

Seabee said...

Tell you what Rosh, if you drove as much as I do around New Dubai you'd see just as much moronic driving by people from the 'first world'.