Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So where's Studio City?

Whiled away a couple of fun, interesting hours with fellow bloggers on a Dubai Eye Radio programme this morning.

Suzanne Radford and Alexander McNabb on Dubai Today's 'Techno Tuesday' decided they'd devote most of the programme to blogging and bloggers.

But that's not what this post is about. Far better, if you're interested, to go to the podcast, which Alex said should be up soon on their website. Instead of me telling you about it you can listen to the programme.

No, the post is another in my 'bloody useless signage' series.

Over the years of blogging I've complained many times about the road signage being confusing, inaccurate and dangerous. In this case it simply doesn't exist.

I've driven out to Global Village the past two weekends (I must post about that too), going from Al Sufouh along Umm Suqueim Road to Arabian Ranches.

I had no idea that Studio City, where Dubai Eye is located, is there, right across the road from Arabian Ranches.

Today I saw the reason. Following Suzanne's instructions on how to get there I found it was exactly the way I'd driven to Global Village. But I didn't see one single sign to Studio City.  Nor when I got there did I see a sign identifying the place.

Millions spent on developing a new 'city', plenty of companies operating from it and not a sign anywhere.

You can get a temporary one run up for a few dirhams if the permanent one isn't ready.

Although why it wouldn't be I can't visualise. The time it took to build the impressive-ish entrance gate was plenty of time to get a sign made.

Come on guys, it isn't rocket science it's just road signage. How can you get it so wrong so consistently?

Back to the programme for a minute to guide you to the bloggers who participated in it.  Reflecting the blogosphere, they're all very different. But as they were hand-picked by Alex they're all well worth a read.

Mich Cafe
Hellwa Fashion
A Nabulsi Story
And Alex' own blog is  Fake Plastic Souks

You can listen to the podcast here, at DubaiEye103.8


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Entirely agree with you.

First time I went to Studio City the directions were "straight over Emirates Road", even more confusion reigned!

Mich said...

How true! I drove up with Sarah and we stopped right opposite the entrance to check the map because there were no signs anywhere!!!
It was such an interesting morning and it was great meeting you :-)

Sarah Walton said...

I also love the way they use the initials to identify one set of buildings from the others. "BS" apparently means Boutique Studio. Means something else entirely where I come from!
Thanks for your company and good luck with that root canal.

Dave said...

The term "local knowledge" is not to be treated with disdain in Dubai......

I heard the interview of the radio this morning - well done Seabee to yourself and the other blog owners who particpiated.

Bebhinn said...

Nice to meet you today, I love your ring :-). I've been to Studio City tons of times & I still get really nervous & have to concentrate - I HATE how there are no signs to guide you until you are literally 2 mins away!

Seabee said...

Nice to meet you all too.

Anonymous said...

if you think that was difficult, try getting into Production Village ! That is another adventure in itself. And that has a big half eaten sign but it's not located on any entrance, which doesn't help. So if you miss the entrances, which is very easy, you have to take one very big u turn to try to get in a second time round.