Monday, January 03, 2011

So far so good

About forty minutes or so in the dentist's chair yesterday.

No pain, well except for when he jabbed the needle straight into the nerve.

"Goodness me" I muttered under my breath "that was uncomfortable".

Or something along those lines.

After sitting for half an hour with a mouth full of the dentist's and his assistant's four hands, what felt like a cubic metre of cotton wool and lots of metal equipment, I'm surprisingly intact.

No swollen face, no bruises, no apparent damage and no pain, no toothache.

I have to go back for round two on Wednesday so I hope I come out of that equally well.


Taibah said...

Wow. What'd you get done?

alexander... said...

Just after I first got here, I allowed a Syrian butcher to perform a root canal.

Halfway through the operation, which was long and unpleasant, he barked joyfully and pulled back, wiggling something small, pink and unpleasantly wormlike. "Look!" He shouted, at me wot couldn't move. "Ziss is your nerve!"

He's lucky I didn't puke on him.

Seabee said...

Alex, my second session is high on my list of things I wish I'd avoided. My previous very good dentist has left Dubai apparently and his replacement is a butcher, like your man. I'm far from convinced that I needed anything more than a simple bog standard filling, but business is slow and he probably needed the money.

No more. I'll fly back to Oz at the first sign of a toothache in future.