Sunday, January 23, 2011

This has to be a first

When I was back in Oz a few weeks ago my little digital camera threw a wobbly, then died on me.

When I got back to Dubai I took it back to where I bought it, Compu-me, because...wait for it... it was still under warranty.

You know as well as I do that products have a self-destruct device timed to activate one week after the warranty expires. The one in my camera must have malfunctioned.

Not only was I within the warranty period, after a couple of weeks they told me it couldn't be repaired and they would replace it with a new one.

I picked it up today.

I'm stunned.


Mazhar said...

The signs of good customer service coming back?

♀♥Kiara ♥♀ said...

Oh God! I wanna die when this happens! Did you get back the images that were in the previous camera?
And the new camera? Is that working well? I hope so!

Good Luck!

Seabee said...

Kiara, I took the card out when I left the old camera with them, so I have the images that were in the camera when it died.

So far the new camera is working as it should...

alexander... said...

Yeah, I share your stunnedness!

rosh said...

A Twilight moment!

Zafar said...

I like the paragraph about self destruct device that gets activated a week after the warranty date has expired.

Somehow any item that I buy gets into trouble immediately after the warranty has expired.