Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird wild weather

I'd just about finished yesterday's post when Mrs Seabee called to say she'd finished in the office and was outside our building waiting to go to lunch.

I walked out into sunshine...but by the time I got to the car I was being buffeted by gale force winds and smothered in sand.

It came out of nowhere, instantly.

We drove through Dubai Marina and in front of us it looked like this:

But to the right it was like this:

It seemed to be in a narrow band that we were driving through because Al Sufouh Road was much the same - compare the blue sky to the left with what we were driving into:

After lunch it had disappeared as quickly as it had arrived but it left evidence that it had passed through:

 We went out to Global Village later in the afternoon and it had blasted through there too. All the stallholders were sweeping sand away, clearing rubbish and dusting their stock. Not a lot of damage and, in the way of these mini-cyclones, it had been selective in what it destroyed:

Note the hand in the right of the photo - Dubai residents will be very familiar with it. The immediate reaction to any problem is:


Mich said...

It was crazy! I just about had time to collect the washing hanging outside. Luckily, I wasn't driving :-)

Hazel said...

My apartment must face the wrong way )it faces from Marina to SZR) as I missed all of this, and after seeing photos on Facebook that my friends had taken up towards Emirates Towers, I was under the belief it was only that side of Dubai... clearly I was wrong. Darn - I missed it!

Anonymous said...

I also live in Dubai & agree the weather lately have been weird. I believe something fishy is going on, as for example: chemtrails. If you have not heard about it, do some research online.